M U T O - Voices

Here is an excerpt of my new work titled "VOICES".
These 3 tracks encircle the feelings and moods of my new album on the site ...

PREVIOUS LP (Prismopaco Records)

17 february 2017 

My first album, INDEPENDENT, is basically a journey. As a mordern Ulysses, I leave my safe harbour ready to face the unknown, the deepest knowledge of concern and peace, carried by my boat, on the sea of sensations. Each piece is an harbour, a transition, a new thought, a mood, a tale. A way to describe wordless, only with sounds, all the different emotions that walk through our soul and make us feel alive. Alive and Indipendent, as unique.

M U T O Live experience is a path through images and sounds, that involves you in a multi-sensory perception that will recreate the sensations that gave birth to each piece.

1_Awake Inside // 2_Independent // 3_Winterner // 4_Loser // 5_Aria // 6_You Know // 7_Apocalypse // 8_Induction

Label: Prismopaco Records
Mastering: Tapewave Mastering